Welcome to the New Website of the Old Dy'vorians' Association

If you had the good fortune to have been educated at Dynevor, this is your home website. Its purpose is to provide a contact base and information source for the thousands of past pupils of Swansea's Dynevor Schools from all over the United Kingdom and beyond.

This website replaced the site that was born on that fateful day, Wednesday 24th July 2002, when some five hundred former pupils and staff came to the school on the last day of its life. Such was the atmosphere on that day that the collective urge was to do something concrete in memory of the school. This site and 'The Old Dy’vorian’ bi-annual journal were the outcome.

The membership of the Old Dy'vorians' Association has increased considerably since that day and this site has contributed to the renewed interest. By using the 'superhighway' of the Web, the Association hopes to make contact with a younger potential membership than the majority of the current membership.

We realise that unless the Association attracts this potential membership, and here we include the pupils and staff of the Comprehensive Schools that succeeded the Grammar School, the future of the Association will be short-lived.

If you would like to submit photographs of your 'Year' or the teams & groups that you were a member of during your stay at Dynevor, please email: website@dynevorrevisited.org.uk.

Nihil sine labore!

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